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At present, CGH has no open roles. Keep checking back and we'll post them here when they come up.

We are always on the look out for partners or volunteers who can help us grow. If you'd be interested in lending us some of your time, we'd love to hear from you.

Below you'll find a little more on what it's actually like working at CGH.



4 Day Week

CGH defaults to a 4 day full-time equivalent. Most of our team take Fridays off, but if you need to take another day off instead, that's totally fine.

Flexible Contracting

Sometimes great, short-term, opportunities come up. If someone offers you an awesome consultancy role that doesn't cause a conflict of interest, you can usually adjust your hours with us to make space.

Open Finances

We have a very flat pay structure and hope to keep it that way. It means we can practice open book finances and have collective discussions about resource allocations.


CGH staff have unlimited holiday allowances and are expected to take at least two weeks off in a row in the summer and across Christmas.

Little Bureaucracy

We don't do annualised performance appraisals and we don't have formal line management - but we do have structured project teams when working for partners.

Travel and Other Opportunities

We have partners working all over the world, and we work in policy-making structures. Work with us and you'll go to some pretty interesting places.


We believe standard recruitment processes are outdated and riddled with biases. When we have open posts, we recruit almost entirely blindly, with a system that is designed to minimise bias and let people show their best selves. This is not your standard CV and cover letter approach.


We don't do have formalised management structures, but we do adhere to a strong set of values that are important to us and to the organisation we're trying to build. We recognise that the level of autonomy we expect staff to display is not for everyone, but if it is for you, we would love to hear from you. 

Responsible Autonomy

Freedom to decide, act, and execute - in return for being a good steward of our resources and reputation.

Kind...Not Nice

We don't avoid difficult conversations, but we'll try to do it diplomatically and find the best route through for ourselves and our partners.


We work in complex, changing environments. To be good at your job, you've got to try to work out what's coming next. We want you to have the time and space to think about the road ahead. 


We don't have formal appraisals or line management, so we expect you to take the time to reflect, self-evaluate and ask for feedback yourself.

Sustainable Everything

We want working at CGH to be positive for all employees. Your career is a marathon, not a sprint, so look after yourself and the planet. That means naps and no unneccesary travel. 

Showing Up

We can't always be our very best, but we can always try to. 

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