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The CGH team works on a range if different projects and programmes, all with the aim of increasing access to quality healthcare services globally. Our portfolio is specifically designed to maximise the number of levers (or advocacy tactics) we can deploy to deliver effective campaigns, regardless of the focus.

You can find out more about our current projects below. 

Global Equality Caucus

The Global Equality Caucus is an international network of parliamentarians and elected representatives dedicated to tackling discrimination against LGBT+ people. 

The LGBT+ community is at greater risk of a range of medical conditions, including HIV and poor mental health. Stigma and discrimination meanwhile limit their access to life saving medical care.  

By working with LGBT+ and ally parliamentarians around the world, the Global Equality Caucus is leading on a number of health-related campaigns, including to increase access to HIV prevention and to ban conversion therapy. 

Science-Led Advocacy Programme

Health workers and researchers choose their professions because they want to have a positive impact on patients. Too often, policy and funding constraints stand in the way of that. As experts with frontline experiences, these professionals can be hugely effective advocates for evidence-based policy and funding, but many don't know where to begin or are cautious about doing it on their own. 

Through our science-led advocacy programme, we are convening and supporting individual scientists and healthcare workers, national research networks, and global platforms to undertake evidence-informed policy engagement and advocacy on key global issues, including TB and AMR. 

Research and Policy Programme

A good campaign often relies on robust data, convincing arguments, and clear recommendations. 

Through our 'research and policy programme', CGH has undertaken a range of research projects and published reports that form the basis of our own campaigns, and help shape those of our allies.


We also work directly with a range of partners to strengthen their own research and policy publications, and help them launch these for maximum impact.  

Civil Society and Affected Community Programme

Civil society and affected community groups are experts by experience, whose input into policy and funding dialogues is critical to developing and implementing policies that deliver genuine impact for people with inadequate access to healthcare. They push for change and hold leaders accountable. 

Through our civil society and affected community programme, we partner with advocacy groups all over the world to develop resources, plan and coordinate campaigns that make a difference. 

Parliamentary Advocacy Programme

Parliamentarians are policymakers in their own right, while also being some of the most effective advocates - encouraging their ministerial colleagues to prioritise certain policy or investment decisions, and holding leaders accountable for delivering on commitments. 

Through our parliamentary programme, we support targeted campaigns in national parliaments and work with international parliamentary networks, including the Global TB Caucus and the Unite Parliamentary Network, to advance action on global health.

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