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Modern medicine can work miracles but too few people worldwide enjoy its full benefits.


At Campaigns in Global Health, our mission is to understand how to bring better health to everyone, and to build partnerships to make it happen.

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Like many other people, we believe that everyone, everywhere, deserves to receive the best possible standards of health care. No one should fall ill or die because of who they are or where they're born.

We are a small (but growing) group of global health professionals who are fascinated by the challenge of driving positive change in complex systems. The global health system is as complex as they come.

So we're building an organisation to do two things:

1) build partnerships that help build a healthier world

2) develop an even deeper understanding of how to make change happen and make our findings available, for free, to everyone 

You can find out more below.

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How do we navigate policymaking systems to make change quicker? What opportunities are there for impact that might not yet have been spotted? 



CGH started out as a research project. We have all been frustrated when things haven't gone to plan or partnerships seem to be more focused on friction than impact. So we set out to talk to some of the best campaigners we could find, to try to understand what underpinned successful efforts. In particular, we looked at:

  • How should coalitions be structured to maximise success? How do you balance innovation and authenticity across multiple partners with the need for a coordinated approach?

  • Why do efforts to engage with policymakers fail so often, and how can we do it better?

  • How should we map, or understand, the campaign ecosystem?

In the time we had available, we barely scratched the surface. We want to continue to expand that work, targeting these questions and ones we haven't even thought of yet.​


The experts we interviewed for our initial research project gave their time and insights freely, and we will always do the same. We will share our findings, for free, with anyone who is interested.


Over time, we hope to build a campaign library and suite of resources to help others wanting to run more effective campaigns.


If you want to find out more about our work or want us to share what we've learned with you and your team, feel free to get in touch using the form at the bottom of this website. 



Below are some of the organisations that we are working with

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Ending Workplace TB is a global coalition of multinational companies dedicated to improving TB care and prevention in their workplaces and supply chains.

We manage the project, helping to expand the membership, deepen its impact, and drive positive change for workers affected by TB and their families.

Learn more about EWTB here.

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UNITE is a global network of parliamentarians working to tackle infectious diseases.

Our partnership with UNITE focuses on a range of issues to help them have as much impact as possible.

Learn more about UNITE here.



Univercells is a Belgian biotech founded with the mission of delivering access to biologics (vaccines, gene therapies etc) for everyone, wherever they are.

Our partnership with Univercells is focused on building collaborations that help them achieve their mission.

Read more about Univercells here.

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Our aim is to be an organisation that helps drive big improvements in the quality of life of some of the world's most marginalised communities.

To do that well, we want to make sure our colleagues and partners have a great experience of working together. 



The best place to start is our values - the things that matter most to us. These include: 

Understand why

We're curious people and we want to know why some projects succeed and others fail. We also want to make sure that when we do something, we've thought about what the consequences might be. We're big fans of clear objectives and solid theories of change, while recognising that both can change as well!

For our people: we like to explore ideas, discuss, debate big things and small things, and make sure we have a rationale that's clearly explained.

For our partners: we want to get on the same page, align around a common vision and understanding of the ways that we act and why.

People first

It's all about people! Our first priority is to look after each other. We want to be an inclusive team that works together well and enjoys doing so.  

For our people: we understand that everyone is different and that's great. We want to ensure that everyone has the greatest impact by building on and growing their unique skillset, while striking their own ideal balance between work and play.  

For our partners: we want to get to know who you are and what makes you tick to make sure that we can work together most effectively. 


We want to be clear about when we're able to do our best work, and when we're not. That means creating a safe space in which we can communicate candidly and clearly and where we really listen to our colleagues and partners. 

For our people: support each other to do our best work, providing guidance and support that is honest and kind. 


For our partners: we will always strive to give you our best work and want to work together to identify and fix problems as soon as they arise. 



When we have open roles, you'll find them here. 


If you would like to collaborate with us on a project, please get in touch using the form below.



We are officially registered in Cambridge, UK, but some of the team works remotely. The weather is rarely as good as in this picture, but if that doesn't put you off, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for getting in touch, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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