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Organising More Equitably Accessible

Global Health Meetings and Conferences

Where you host in-person meeting matters because the cost and visa implications determine who is able to participate and shape the meeting's outcomes. In global health, this has become a major problem, with the effectiveness of discussion- and decision-making forums undermined because visa and budget barriers prevent colleagues from  low- and middle-income countries participating fully.

This toolkit has been designed to support anyone who needs to decide where to host an international gathering, on global health or another topic. It provides a simple methodology to identify the most suitable location for your event, prioritising countries that are accessible to those with direct lived experience and who will lead the implementation of policies and services being debated.  We strongly believe this improves the quality and impact of any event.

The toolkit will walk you through 5 steps, including links to resources, tools and further reading. Below, you can download the template spreadsheet that we use whenever we go through this process. Each meeting or conference is different, and you may want to adjust the approach to suit your needs. If you used this toolkit and found it useful or have ideas on how to improve it, we would love to hear from you. 

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